Where Bibs Take Shape

Upon the birth of our first son in 2003, we eagerly dressed him in all of the cute clothes and array of baby bibs we received as baby gifts. Shortly thereafter, Mary Beth realized that not only did she have to spot treat the baby bibs, they didn’t provide enough coverage so we also had to spot treat his clothes. Spot treating didn’t always work on the predominately white bibs and if we used bleach it ruined any embroidery or design on the bib.

When our second son was born in 2005, we refused to put bibs on him and elected to just spot treat his clothes without having the additional stained laundry (e.g. bibs) to spot treat. From this outcome, my idea originated to create a line of bibs wherein the color of the bib matched the color of the baby food; therefore, concealing any stain that didn’t come off during spot treatment.

Upon the birth of our third and final son in 2009, I decided to take this concept one step further and not only produce the bibs in the color of the baby food, but also design the bib in the shape of the fruits and veggies that we were feeding our son.

Dibs on Bibs has significantly expanded from the initial simple concept and we now have over 15 baby bib designs with more on the way. Not only do we have the Fruits and Veggies line that coincides with the stage feeding method, we have a sports line, beach line, girls line, holiday line, and more. All bibs are sized to provide maximum coverage as well as increase the entertainment value to your feeding time experience.